December 31, 1999 marked the transfer of the Panama Canal from the United States to the Republic of Panama. We remember all those who built, maintained, and secured the Panama Canal so that the world could have a "shortcut". All of us that were so fortunate to be a part of this marvel, in whatever capacity, take great pride in what was accomplished. We all left a part of ourselves on the Isthmus of Panama. Now it is Panama's turn to take up the challenge. Buena suerte, Panama — you'll always have a special place in our hearts.

"On they struggled, ever onward,
Blasting stone, and earth, and men;
Filling rivers with razed mountains;
Filling graves with parts of men.
Blood and bone are mixed with concrete,
Sweat of brow and grime of toil
Mark the rough-neck as he swelters,
Weary 'mid the grease and oil.
Weary flesh, nor fever's terrors
Halt them as they onward go.
Forward!  Forward!  Ever Forward!
Is the only cry they know."

-John Hall

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